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Bike Repair & Service

Your Bike Repair Experts

Small town hospitality, a friendly service department that wants to understand your bike repair needs and some of the best trained mechanics in the region. Expect high quality work and fast turnaround. Stop in and say hello to Carl Matson and Josh Gerard!

Trek certified bicycle repair - 2 Rivers Bicycle

BOSCH eBike Electric Bike Service - 2 Rivers Bicycle

Shimano and SRAM Bike Repair - 2 Rivers Bicycle

Our Services

Wash/ Lube


  • Lubrication of chain
  • Wipe down bike
  • Safety check
  • *Adjustments and parts not included

Systems Check


  • Minor adjustments of the bike in the stand
  • Safety check of brakes and drivetrain
  • Bicycle wheels systems check
  • Light adjust to shifting and braking
  • Lube bike chain
  • *Parts not included / a la carte labor additional


(Level 1)


  • Includes SYSTEMS CHECK plus:
  • Detailed bike shifting adjustment
  • Detailed bike brake adjustment
  • Bike wheel true/alignment on bike
  • Degrease and lube bike chain
  • Wipe down bicycle frame
  • *Parts not included / a la carte labor additional;  Electric bikes add $45, Tandem/Triathlon add $30


(Level 2)


  • Includes STANDARD plus:
  • Bike bottom bracket and bike headset adjustment
  • Bike wheel truing/alignment in stand
  • Re-surface bike brake pads 
  • Full bike wash
  • Installation of up to three bike parts
  • *Parts not included;  Electric bikes add $45, Tandem/Triathlon add $30


(Level 3)


  • Includes ANNUAL plus:
  • Overhaul bike bottom bracket, bike headset, and bike wheel hubs
  • Degrease and cleaning of bike chain, bike chain rings and bike cassette off the bike
  • Bike cable housing and bike cable replacement
  • Free installation labor on all bike parts
  • *Parts not included;  Electric bikes add $45, Tandem/Triathlon add $30

Bearing Service


  • We recommend adding this to the ANNUAL SERVICE:
  • Rebuild bike bottom bracket
  • Overhaul bike headset / replace cartridge bearings
  • Overhaul bike wheel front hub / replace cartridge bearings
  • Overhaul bike wheel rear hub / replace cartridge bearings
  • *Parts not included

Cable & Housing

$90 (Drop Bar)

  • Includes FREE basic bike bar tape and wrap
  • Replace all bike cable housing and bike cables
  • Adjustment of bike brakes and bike derailleurs
  • *Hydraulic bike brake hose / internally routed bike cables additional charge

Cable & Housing

$65 (Flat Bar)

  • Replace all housing and cable
  • Adjustment of brakes and derailleurs
  • *Hydraulic brake hose additional charge / internally routed cables additional charge

Our Team

Carl Matson

Carl Matson

Carl is 2 Rivers' service manager and lead mechanic. He has been wrenching on bikes since the late '80s, learning his craft first as a volunteer mechanic at a bike shop during college, and later from the inside out as a design engineer at Trek Bicycles. He enjoys a hallenge, whether it's diagnosing a pesky noise or bringing a classic '70s steel road racer back to life.

Josh Gerard

Josh Gerard

Josh is a long standing employee and lead mechanic at 2 Rivers. He is also the instructor for our annual "Maintenance School". He is a Trek and Shimano S-TEC Certified mechanic, as well as trained in Bosch eBike service. Whether you need a tune up or are looking for a custom build of your dream bike, Josh can get you rolling. Josh is an avid mountain biker and when he's not at the shop, he can usually be found at one of the area's many mountain bike trail systems.

A La Carte Bike Repair Services

Specific bike repairs, from simple to complex, can also be diagnosed and priced on an a la carte basis. Our expert technicians are the area’s best equipped to perform virtually any repair. The additional services we perform include these and many more:

  • Install bike tires
  • Adjust bike brakes
  • True bike wheels
  • Lubricate bike drive train
  • Safety checks


Special Notes

Some bicycle styles or repairs often require additional work and may be subject to additional charges.

  • Recumbents, tandems, and specialty bikes
  • e-Bikes
  • Older bikes, department store bikes
  • Bikes in poor condition
  • Hydraulic brake maintenance
  • Bikes with internally routed cables
  • Insurance or accident estimates