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Bicycle Trade-In Quote Request

Fill out this form and we will work with our trade-in partners to find you the best offer. If you accept the offer we will provide you a credit towards a new bicycle purchase.


Provide your bicycle make (e.g. Trek, Giant, Salsa).
Provide the bicycle model in this field (e.g. Madone, Warbird, etc.).
Make your best effort to determine this and we'll do the rest.
Do your best to find this. If not, we'll take care of it
Provide bicycle size (e.g. 56 cm, 20", Medium). There should be a sticker somewhere on the bicycle frame. If you can't find it, we'll figure it out when you bring the bicycle in.
Provide a description of the bicycle and any upgrades made (e.g. wheels, shifters, etc.)
Provide the condition of the bicycle.

Customer Information

Provide customer information so we can contact you for more information or provide a quote.

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