Thank You Watertown!

Since March of 2013, when we opened 2 Rivers Bicycle & Outdoor in Watertown, we have met some incredible friends and families. You have supported our dream  to open and run a bicycle store dedicated to making bicycling more enjoyable, safe and accessible to all citizens.  We have been blessed to be a part of the Watertown Share The Road group and are starting to see the positive impact of these efforts. This progress includes the initial phases of the long awaited Interurban multi-use trail. Since opening in downtown Watertown in 2013 we have observed growth in the number of cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts. We would like to think our efforts to grow cycling and running have been a major contributor to this growth. Whether you were just buying a tire, getting a tune-up, purchasing a bike or simply asking for advice, we have truly appreciated the support and friendships we have developed the last 6 seasons. 

With the dramatic shift in consumer online shopping habits and other economic forces in the bicycle industry, we have decided to consolidate our brick & mortar operations to a single location at our existing Fort Atkinson store effective 1/1/2019. This allows us to consolidate our inventory, provide a greater selection of products, expand service offerings and grow our online sales channel. 

We will still be present in Jefferson County to provide the products and services to make your cycling adventures great and to continue to push cycling advocacy initiatives forward (e.g. Interurban Trail). We hope you will continue to support our mission of making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for all users. Our Fort Atkinson store is less than a 30 minute drive from Watertown. Fully expect to receive the same high quality small town customer service you have grown accustomed to. You will still find the familiar smiling faces from the Watertown store working at our Fort Atkinson location. 

You can reach the Fort Atkinson store at 920-563-2222, email us at or review the FAQs below (frequently asked questions) on our website to address further questions concerning our consolidation.


The 2 Rivers Bicycle  Watertown Team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Question: Will I still be able to use my holiday cash card or gift card now that the Watertown location will no longer be open?
    • Answer: Absolutely. Both will be honored at the Fort Atkinson location.
  • Question: I have a bike repair and/or parts that I haven't picked up. What will happen to these items?
    • Answer: If you can't make it to our Watertown location by 4 p.m. on 12/29, we will transfer items to Fort Atkinson and call with a reminder for pick-up.
  • Question: I have a bike or other accessories on order and they may not arrive before the Watertown store closes.
    • Answer: All orders will deliver to our Fort Atkinson location and we will contact you when they are ready for pick-up.  
  • Question: I have a yoga or SUF punch card that still has punches. Will you refund my money?
    • Answer: We will gladly refund you or put the amount owed onto a gift card. Come in before by 12/29 in Watertown or to Fort Atkinson after 12/29 for the refund or gift card.
  • Question: What about my free lifetime adjustment or free one year basic tune-up?
    • Answer: This will be honored at our Fort Atkinson location.
  • Question: Will you have a clearance / liquidation sale?
    • Answer: No. Our inventory is current and getting transferred to Fort Atkinson.