Comprehensive 6-week course teaches you how to diagnose, prevent, and fix/tune-up a majority of the basic issues you might have with your bicycle. 

The full 6-week course costs only $150.  

Classes will start October 9th (Wednesday), 6:00p - 7:30p 

Check the individual class topics below. Click any of the images on this page to sign up!

Bike Repair Classes

Week 1

Identify the different parts of a bike.  Do a pre-ride safety check. Check tire pressure. Change a flat.  Clean and Lube a chain.  Do a light brake adjustment.  Do a light derailleur adjustment.

Replacing Wear and Tear

Week 2

Replace your brake pads. Replace your cables and housing. Set your limit screws on front and back derailleurs.

Drivetrain Wear and Tear

Week 3

Checking chain wear. Chain measurement and replacement. Cassette / Freewheel inspection and replacement. Chainring inspection, explaining BCD and special case chainrings (asymmetric, etc.)

Wheel Maintenance

Week 4

Checking hubs for play. Explaining bearing types (cartridge versus cup and cone). Basic wheel truing. Explaining dish.

Headset Maintenance and Adjustments

Week 5

Threaded versus treadless headsets. Replacing bearings. Crown race removal and replacement. Cup removal and replacement.

Bottom Brackets and Drivetrain

Week 6

Testing for play. Checking pedals and removing pedals. Removing cranks. Types of bottom brackets (sizes, press fit vs. cartridge vs. external threaded). Service of retainer bearings (if applicable).

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