Session Starts 11/26/2018 - Online Registration NOW OPEN!
Day of WeekClass / Time / Instructor
MondaySpin - 4:15 pm - Fort (Ivy)
TuesdaySpin - 5:30 am - Fort (Val)
WednesdayYoga Sport & Spin - 8:30 am - Fort (Ivy)

Spin - 5:15 pm - Fort (Mary)
ThursdaySpin - 5:30 am - Fort (John)

Spin - 8:30 am - Fort (Mary)

Spin - 6:15 pm - Fort (John)
SaturdaySpin - 7 am - Fort (Val)

Classes are 6 weeks and cost $52.00 per 6 week session* - Now room for 14 participants per class!

*Classes are non-refundable. Drop-in fee of $10 is available on first come, first serve basis. Registered individuals will take priority.

Classes and Descriptions

Indoor Cycling / spin

Indoor cycling is a great workout for all levels of abilities. You can work as hard or as easy as you like. We will guide you through the workout, teach you movements and help you improve your fitness and reach your goals. While the below video is intense with a lot of marketing hype, our instructors will help improve everyone's fitness whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete.

Yoga Sport and Spin

This class will work with your body's natural rhythm to maximize energy utilization, function more efficiently, and facilitate tension release creating a relaxed but exhilarating ride. Using the technique of Cross-Discipline we will ride for a short 30-35 min session followed by Yoga postures focusing on the core and ending with a relaxing stretch. All levels welcome.


We have a variety of instructors from different backgrounds. Most are serious endurance athletes that have a lot of 'field' experience. Additionally, all instructors are certified through various course work and/or higher education. Instructors will provide coaching and other recommendations for more effective workouts.

Kara Emrick

Kara is in her fifth season as instructor.  She is an avid runner, rides a heavy mountain bike to work :) and knows almost everyone in town.   She's also tough as nails and fun as heck.  Her class is fast paced and exciting.

Ivy Miles

Ivy is in her fourth year of teaching indoor cycling and yoga at 2 Rivers.She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor and has studied many different Health/Fitness modalities.  Although, Ivy is passionate about many different forms of exercise her focus is always on the mind/body connection, a strong core and eating to fuel the body for energy!

Valerie Nelson

Val has participated in 2 Rivers indoor cycling classes since the early days and has been teaching now for 3 seasons. She is an avid road cyclist.

John Raub

This is John's ninth season as an instructor.  He has previous coaching certifications with USA Cycling and Team in Training. John has a Bachelor of Science in Sport Sciences from Ohio University. Cyclist on and off-road, runner, husband and father. He looks forward to another awesome season of teaching those aspiring to stay fit, train for an event, or just exercise in a friendly and social environment.

Mary Pratt

Mary started getting interested in recreational rides about 20 years ago, loves riding the trails and road rides, and started spin about 7 years ago. She loves the work, loves the challenge, loves that each person sets his/her own pace, and that it's great for all ages and fitness levels. Fitness should be fun, not intimidating, and feeling good is addicting.   

What to Bring?

All of our equipment is world class including our indoor bicycles and Cycleops Fluid trainers. We continously maintain our equipment to provide the best experience possible for our participants. It is recommended to bring an electrolyte drink, a towel and padded bicycle shorts (for indoor cycling classes). Instructors will reference heart rate often, so it is recommended, but not required to have a heart rate monitor. If you are taking a Sufferfest Indoor Cycling class in Watertown you will need to bring your bicycle. Storage is provided after class.