Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

An electric bike is a bicycle with a motor and battery that provides a boost to the human power of the rider's normal pedaling. Through the drive system, the bike is propelled forward at a greater rate of speed and power when the system is engaged. By providing a controlled boost to the rider the bike can be pedaled farther, faster, with less effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the bike move by itself if the motor is turned on?
A: No. Ride+ is not a motorcycle or moped; it's an electric assist bicycle. That means that the motor only propels the bicycle while it is being pedaled. 

Q. Can the Ride+ system be put on another frame?
A: Yes but it is not recommended. Those frames that feature Ride+ have been designed to accommodate the added weight and stress of the Ride+ system.

Q: Is the battery removable?  
A: Yes. It's a very important design feature that allows owners the option to ride their bike without electric assist. This offers greater versatility over our competitors' electric bikes that encase the battery and motor within the frame. 

Q: How far can somebody go on a single charge?  

A: That depends on the level of assistance they are using and the model of bike, but the quick answer is... FAR!